How are you?

Never underestimate the power of asking ‘How are you?’ Reach out to someone who needs your support and take time to listen. ❤

How To Tame Your Temper

How many times do you get angry in a day? What happened when you got angry? How did you respond to people around you? Did you say things you shouldn’t have or things you didn’t mean?

Love Yourself Enough

Because life can be cruel and this world can be so fucked up, but LOVE shouldn’t be, as long as you love yourself enough.

The Art of Uncertainty

One day you are loved so dearly; the next day you find that same love making you feel unworthy.

How To Make Your Relationship Work

When trials come, when you are overwhelmed by hurt and frustrations, and when you reach the point that you just don’t care anymore, what are you going to do?

3 Ways To Handle A Heartbreak

Some people of today seem to think that letting yourself hurt from a heartbreak is not acceptable. They expect you to be as strong as always and be able to cope immediately in your every fall.

My Boyfriend Denied Me

He sent me away. He denied me and I had to walk home alone, shaking with my heart broken.


There were a lot of things that went wrong in 2020 but there were also some things that went right. In our personal life, we made some good choices and we might have made some poor choices. For what it’s worth, we can now look back on our choices and hope 2021 will be better.