You Told Me…

You told me to listen to my heart,
But it wasn't speaking.

You told me to wait,
But soon I got impatient.

You told me to feel,
But I didn't know how to feel beyond my body.

You told me to see through it,
But it wasn't made of glass.

You told me to read between the lines,
But there was nothing there.

You told me to be careful,
But does it mean I was too careless?

You told me I was blind,
But still I could see.

You told me that we don't have time to spare,
But who were we giving our time to?

You told me to stop being so closed,
But I wasn't a door.

You told me "don't cry"
But was I suppose to force myself to be happy?

You told me to forgive & to forget,
But it's not easy.

You told me to keep loving,
But where did that love go?

Nobody knows...

You told me a lot of things,
But I didn't really know what you'd want.
I've grown and gone,
And you could only wish you never said that much.

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